April 14, 2014
Hedonic Adaptation: Why Netflix Should Limit Binge Watching


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On February 14, 2014, Netflix released the second season of the hit television program “House of Cards.” By the end of the weekend, roughly 2% of the Netflix subscribers on U.S. broadband networks had finished all 13 episodes, with similar…

April 7, 2014
Babblr Survey

Tumblr friends!

My b-school classmates are doing a survey that is Tumblr-esque.  Given that it’s B-school, and we’re MBA students, I’m the only person who has a Tumblr and is qualified to take the survey.  So I’m calling on you!  Take the survey here:


Reblog, tell your friends, your children, your great aunt Edna, so long as she’s a Tumblr user.

April 7, 2014
Birthday or Name Day?

My birthday was this weekend; I turned 27.  A friend of mine at school used to live in Greece, where apparently they don’t really celebrate birthdays but celebrate name days.  So no one cares how old you are.

I think I like this idea because the celebration is more about you as a person rather than how many years you’ve been on this planet, or that fact that you made it a whole other year.

March 16, 2014



Photos show side of Afghan women Americans don’t typically see

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So cool!

I’m very, very proud of what Thunderbird has been doing with the Thunderbird for Good program.

Check it out here!

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February 28, 2014

Life is full of regrets.  Despite these platitudes that say there won’t be, there will.  What we actually can control is the type of regret.  Studies have shown that when we choose not to act, the regret we feel is less overall, but lasts significantly longer.  Conversely, when we do act, the regret is greater, but shorter.  

As I read on FB, Tumblr, Twitter, talk to friends, hear “YOLO”, etc. it’s clear that the internet prefers the short, deep regret.  What we are obsessed with avoiding is that nagging, always there, minimal regret of inaction.  This obsession comes from the fact that we have listened to our grandmothers, or our fathers, or movie characters, et al talk about the one who got away.  We have seen their discomfort over the fact they never spoke up, never said how they feel.  

February 27, 2014

You see we had just had lunch.  Then coffee and cake.  Lemon cake.  We shared it.  You sat next to me—we shared the bench—and just talked about life.  We returned.  We were walking to where we would part, and suddenly both notice the wonderful aroma in the air.  Jasmine, you thought.  I thought it was lavender.  We look around, trying to figure out which flowers may have just brightened our day.  Realizing we had to look up took us a minute.  We finally noticed the orange blossoms, and quietly looked at them, close to the oranges on the tree.  And as we stood there, and I looked at you, there was nothing I sought more than a kiss.  Soft, delicate, and even somewhat quick.  Enough to compliment the delightful moment that stopping and smelling the flowers had created for us.  

December 21, 2013







In yet another shocking example of a corporate giant exploiting its workers, employees of a New York City Domino’s claim they were fired from their delivery jobs after complaining to management about unfair wages. According to CBS, Domino’s said the delivery drivers worked extended hours inside the restaurant, but still for less than minimum wage — and without tips. Following a meeting with management about the issue, 24 employees were terminated.  Currently, the employees receive $6.00 an hour plus tips just to scrape by. (more—->)

I WANT A FAVOR OF MY FOLLOWERS. please  If you have ever been glad I took the time to edit something or reblog something - please:

REBLOG THIS IF YOU WILL NOT BUY ONE MORE PIECE OF THEIR FUCKING PIZZA UNTIL THEY PAY MINIMUM WAGE.  Some of these people who are working at these shitty jobs are homeless, actually cannot afford rent and live in cars or on the couches of relatives or in alleys. This has to stop.  I want this reblogged until Domino’s is on it’s geasy-ass knees bowing to Tumblr. 

fuck u dominos and ur fucking acne pizza

I hate dominos anyway their pizza is crap

Isn’t this company run or founded by some uber catholic or Christian guy?

The founder (Tom Monaghan) is an ultra right wing ubercatholic who built a town that was for Catholics only & who has donated literally hundreds of millions of dollars to antichoice and antigay organizations. He still owns the land and buildings where Domino’s is headquartered but the company itself was sold in 1998 to Bain Capital. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because the former CEO is one Willard “Mitt” Romney.

Right wing cardboard pizza made via exploited labor. Just say no to Domino’s.

you can really taste the oppression

Domino’s is publicly owned now, FWIW.  

They’re also out of Ann Arbor, and fuck M*ch*g*n!

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November 4, 2013
"During the study, it was discovered that 8.57% of the men who purchased garbage bags bought the ones that their wives had asked for, so a more accurate proportion was:
• Women – 74.14% • Men – 25.86%"

— The case on garbage bags I’m reading right now.

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November 4, 2013


Arizona has some weird fascination with speed bumps.

cars kill children.

October 23, 2013
25 Worst ESL Textbooks And Lessons

One time in Beijing, my lady friend and I were the only waygooks on the subway train, and this Chinese guy was playing guitar and singing.  He saw us, and changed songs to what was supposed to be “knockin’ on heaven’s door”.  Except he only knew the chorus, and suddenly it was Kevin’s door.  He knocked for the next 15 minutes, until we got off the train.  Poor Kevin.

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